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Seniors Financial Solutions – Providing Advice On Medicaid Eligibility, Estate Preservation, and Asset Protection for Seniors

Our Unique Process

Your Secret Weapon

Senior Financial Solutions, working under the supervision of Elder Law attorneys, has a long and proven track record of helping families with assets to qualify for federal and state assistance.

What’s their secret?
Knowledge, experience, personalized care, initiative, resourcefulness and quality service. For more than 25 years, Seniors Financial Solutions has provided accurate strategies and have successfully helped thousands of Texas families to obtain Medicaid healthcare benefits. As soon as Seniors Financial Solutions is retained by their clients’ attorney, the SFS team begins immediately to help families develop financial strategies to preserve their estate.

No Surprises

Elder Law Attorneys frequently hire Bob and his Associates at Seniors Financial Solutions, because of their commitment to stay current on financial option changes in the Medicaid Code concerning extended care and the elderly. Seniors Financial Solutions, with these Elder Law attorneys, keep clients and nursing care providers up-to-date on changes that can affect coverage and benefits … going the extra mile, so that you have no unpleasant surprises.
Bob Pender with clientele.

Bob and his Associates, working under the supervision of your Elder Law attorney, with their specialized expertise, will take the time to explain to you and your involved family members, the choices and options that you have available when it comes to estate preservation solutions.

Bob Pender with clientele

With this knowledge, you will then be able to make the best health care and financial decisions possible for your loved ones.

Character and Hard Work Count

Character and leadership go hand-in-hand. It’s a combination that Bob brings to everything he does. He served America in the U.S. Army, led troops in Korea and Europe, and resigned as a Captain after almost seven years of honorable service. He’s been active in church, in the arts, and as a leader in Junior Achievement programs. He’s owned and operated four independent businesses and knows the meaning and value of hard, honest work.

Your Team for Calm, Positive Results

As the leader of Seniors Financial Solutions, Bob has drawn together a talented group of skilled and caring people who are committed to helping families and their loved ones with solutions. Seniors Financial Solutions is a trusted resource whose associates have consistently shown character and resourcefulness, and have assisted thousands of families to preserve and protect their Life Savings. They can help your family do the same. Give them a call today for your complimentary consultation.

Seniors Financial Solutions, Inc. provides financial Asset Protection Planning services for applicants who are residents of the State of Texas or intend to become residents of the State of Texas. Seniors Financial Solutions is not a law firm or accounting firm. We do not offer legal advice or tax advice services. Information contained within this website, our publications, our client agreements, client communications, and oral communications are not, nor intended to be, legal advice or tax advice. You must see your legal or accounting professionals for those services.