Our Unique Process Begins With Your Free Consultation!

Your Free Estate Preservation and Financial Consultation

Seniors Financial Solutions advisors provide an initial, free with no obligations, one (1) hour financial consultation and family information session to discuss the health care and the financial issues that you and your family are currently facing.
    • We will explain the basics of “how” the Medicaid Program, supervised by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission, (TDHHSC) is designed and implemented. We will review our Medicaid Eligibility “Three Box Checklist” and answer your questions on what assets (resources) are “countable” and which resources are “excluded” for Medicaid assistance, qualification and certification under TDHHSC guidelines.
    • We will review the general financial options that are available, and whether or not it would be beneficial for your family decide to pursue the Medicaid Application process.
    • We will review the basic general strategies that are available to provide Estate Preservation for your family’s assets; and if federal and state guidelines are correctly followed, whether you can legally protect all or the majority of your remaining family estate. Based on the financial and medical information that you provide, an attorney will be able to confirm: 1) the approximate time frame that it would take to accomplish your loved one’s Medicaid Qualification date, 2) what percentage of your loved one’s estate can be preserved, 3) what legal fees would be incurred to successfully complete your Estate Preservation Plan, help you implement your plan, prepare and document your application in order to prove why and how your assets were protected and finally track the application through the approval process.
    • After reviewing your choices and the options available and the results to be obtained, you and your family will then take the time that you need to discuss whether or not to move forward with an Estate Preservation Plan for your loved one(s). If you choose to move forward, you will then retain the law firm of your choice, and the attorney selected will provide you with a complete Engagement Letter packet which will outline the work to be done, and confirm the services and assistance that you can expect in completing the entire project.
    • Our comfortable and educational process is designed to provide you and your family members with: 1) the quality information and you need to know, and 2) the options, solutions and results that are available, so that you and your family can make the best possible financial and health care decisions for your loved one(s).
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